Skyrim Pony Dragon Mod

Skyrim Pony Dragon Mod 1.0

My Little Pony was never this terrifying


  • Funny
  • Well made pony/dragons!
  • Easy to install


  • Adds nothing to gameplay


Skyrim Pony Dragon Mod replaces the fearsome flying beasts in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with cute My Little Pony style animals! If you think the game requires some brighter colors, these giant flying brightly colored ponies will be right up your street.

To try the Skyrim Pony Dragon Mod, simply unzip the file and copy the files into the Data directory of Skyrim. Read our guide here for more detail. Next time you meet a dragon in Skyrim, it will be a lurid giant wide eyed flying pony. Even the dragon roars have been replaced with more suitable noises!

This is a fun mod, which doesn't add anything to Skyrim's gameplay. Skyrim Pony Dragon Mod is very well made though - the new cute ponies/dragons look really good, and are actually quite unnerving! This is one of the funniest Skyrim mods currently available.

Skyrim Pony Dragon Mod


Skyrim Pony Dragon Mod 1.0

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